Do you live abroad?
Does voting seem hard?

It doesn't have to be.

Voting in this election is more important than ever and your voice matters. I know it can seem like a lot of work to figure out how to vote while you're abroad, but I promise, it is really easy. 

YouShouldVote is designed to help make it as easy as possible to vote no matter where you are in the world. 


Vote From Abroad

Voting from abroad is virtually the same as voting from anywhere inside the states. The main difference is the US needs to know where to deliver your ballot.

You need to fill out the Federal Post Card Application in order to let the US know how to deliver your ballot to you (it can be through email).

The process can be almost entirely digital. It's not as hard as it sounds!

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The Process is Simple

Government websites make everything seem exhausting and time consuming. They have too much text and disorganized links. 

I want to make it as easy and as digital as possible for you to vote in November's election. 

We are 3 months away. Don't dillydally! 

I've broken down the process for you and I'll remind you about each step. 

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